Project C –Container Transformation: 1st Episode –Container Design Competition

A shipping container is a metal vessel that is assembled under a standardized format and then stacks on top of each other to transport various goods around the world on cargo ships providing affordable shipping services. The cargo shipping industry is the integral component of making Hong Kong one of the most important transit port in the world. Despite its rigid appearance, a shipping container is also surprisingly fluid; and VESSEL is a notable example of transforming shipping containers into office spaces, food kiosks, gallery, etc. What kind of creative surprises would a vessel carry to us this time?

About Project C

“Project C-Container Transformation”, focusing on shipping containers, is one of the annual flagship programmessince HKALPS Limited anchored at VESSEL. Through experimenting with the possibility of shipping containers with different themes and forms, Project C aims to inspire people to rethink the relationship between art, culture, green living and the community. It also aims to become a platform for creative talents and art enthusiasts to express ideas and create synergy, thus making Hong Kong a livable city infused with creativity and energy.

About Design Competition

“1st Episode –Design Competition” is this year’s debut of Project C with “Urban Issue” as the central theme of the container design competition hoping to provide a valuable opportunity to showcase their innovative designs.